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Tomatoes and Onions
Tomatoes and Onions

Tomatoes are available year round in all varieties. Unique varieties and homegrown tomatoes are also available. An example include the Grainger County tomatoes which are grown in the eastern part of Tennessee. They are known for their rich garden flavor, homegrown appearance, texture, and unique vine ripe operation. This simply means that the tomatoes are picked in a ripe stage and are ready to sell or eat, which ensures consumers get a great tasting experience.


Onions are available in red, white, yellow, and sweet varieties year round from the best growers in North, Central and South America. All pack sizes are available with private labeling and custom packaging options.

Horton Fruit is a re-packer and distributor to retail and foodservice companies with the capacity to handle any individual business request.

Whole Peeled Onions are available in red, white, yellow and sweet. Colossal through medium sizes are available with no mess for the retail company or consumer. They have a great shelf life and are packed in 19 lb display ready cases that capture a customer’s impulse and invites repeat purchases. Horton Fruit is one of the first companies in the U.S. to peel by hand for retail produce.