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The Horton Fruit Company only packages the highest quality fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, onions, spinach, potatoes, peppers and candy apples. We carry a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables from around the world. The Horton Fruit Procurement team searches the globe year round to offer customers a full line of fruits and vegetables at the highest quality and best value.

For over 60 years Horton Fruit has packed and distributed tomatoes and onions. We have developed partner relations with the finest growers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to provide customers with the highest quality 52 weeks a year. May through October is an especially exciting time for us as we source from local growers and family farms. During this time we can provide the excellent Grainger Co. tomatoes to our customers.

From late summer through the fall, Horton Fruit uses a special family recipe to produce candy and caramel apples for retail and foodservice companies. We pack using our Peak Brand and private label for many companies.