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The Horton Fruit logistics operation makes it possible to deliver its produce anywhere in the continental United States. Our company-owned refrigerated fleet of trucks makes next-day deliveries to customers within a 500-mile radius 7 days a week.
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Horton Fruit also owns two 3PL companies to assist in shipping and delivering our produce to the rest of the country. Flagship Transportation provides anywhere from 30 – 50 refrigerated and non-refrigerated delivery trucks on the road at any given time. First-Call Logistics is a non-asset based freight brokerage operation that gives us the flexibility to make destination deliveries at any particular point and time.

Flagship Transportation, LLC

Flagship Transportation, LLC includes a dedicated staff and team of experienced produce drivers that are committed to handling your transportation needs. The Flagship fleet is a combination of refrigerated trailers and dry vans to accommodate any type of freight. Flagship Transportation operates out of a warehouse designed to accommodate storage needs, logistics, and consolidations.

First Call Logistics, LLC


First Call Logistics, LLC operates throughout North America with the ability to handle loads from any point, 24 hours a day. Their attention to detail and friendly professional service makes shipping and delivering produce an easy call.