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Candy Apples
Our full line of Caramel and Candy apples are made and packaged in our new GFSI certified facility from mid-August to November. We use only fresh apples and make our signature caramel using a special family recipe. They are available with or without nuts. Gourmet Caramel Apples are made with larger Granny Smith apples, Horton's same great caramel, and dipped in chocolate. They are also available with attractive holiday packaging for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter. Every order is packed and shipped on our own trucks to maximize shelf life and customer satisfaction. We pack in our Peak Brand and your Private Label.

Caramel Apples with Nuts
Our most popular pack. We use a fresh apple, dipped in our signature caramel and rolled in peanuts for a great classic taste.
Pack sizes: 12/3 – 24/1 – 12/6
Candy Apples with Nuts
This pack has the classic red look with the same great taste as the Caramel Apples with nuts.
Pack sizes: 12/3 – 24/1 – 12/6
Carnival Apples
The Carnival Apple has created a lot of excitement. We use our signature caramel to cover a fresh apple and coat it in rainbow colored sprinkles.
Pack sizes: 12/3
Caramel Apples without Nuts
This pack includes the same great signature caramel and fresh apple without the peanuts.
Pack sizes: 12/3
Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Apples with Nuts
This delicious variety starts with a large Granny Smith Apple dipped in our signature caramel, rolled in salted peanuts, and lastly dipped in our delicious chocolate blend. It’s an excellent choice for desserts and gifts for mothers, teachers or anyone.
Pack sizes: 6/1
Apple Pie
We dip fresh apples in our signature caramel and then apply a layer of Cinnamon flavored caramel coating to bring out the flavor of homemade apple pie.
Pack sizes: 12/3
Chocolate Chip
We dip our apples in our signature caramel and then cover them in a mixture of fresh peanuts and mini chocolate chips.
Pack sizes: 12/3