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About Horton Fruits
The Horton Fruit Company is a family-owned business that offers all aspects of the produce supply chain from source to store including growing, repacking, processing, and full-line distribution. Centrally located in Louisville, Kentucky, Horton Fruit operates multi-temp packing facilities that are regularly 3rd-party audited for food safety. Our facilities use approximately 205,000 square feet of space for ripening, processing, packing and shipping.

Founded in 1946, The Horton Fruit Company has grown to become a nationally approved supplier of fruit and vegetables to the leading retail and foodservice companies in the United States. For well over 65 years Horton Fruit has been a re-packer of tomatoes and onions, and a processor of spinach, bananas, avocados, pineapples, and caramel apples. Our expertise includes providing value-added customized and specialized packing and private labeling for retail and food service companies in a food-safe environment.

Food safety has always been and remains a top priority at our company. The Horton Fruit Company’s HACCP program was designed and approved by a third-party safety company and is audited several times a year.

The Horton Fruit Company is a member of the PMA Gold Circle, United Fresh Produce Association, Produce for Better Health, and Blue Book Trading. Horton Fruit has been honored as a recipient of the Red Book Business Character Award.